Sameba-Jikheti monastery

Sameba-Jikheti nunnery in the village of Jikheti. The village is located on the southern slope of the Guria ridge, 250 m above sea level. 12 km from Lanchkhuti, 3 km from Nigoit. The monastery is located 6 km from the central highway, on Nigoiti mountain.The monastery was founded at the end of the 19th century. The main temple of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was built in 1896…

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Lanchkhuti assembly 1931


Lanchkhuti assembly 1931,  The collection includes 13 Gurian songs, which were recorded in 1930-1931 by Shalva Mshvelidze in Lanchkhuti, in the house of Ilia Morchiladze. Among the performers were Besarion Khukhunaishvili (from the village of Zemo Aketi), Ermalo Ormotsadze (from the village of Nigoiti), Gito Lomadze (from the village of Chibati) and other famous singers from Lanchkhuti.

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Lanchkhuti city

Lanchkhuti is located in Guria, one of the oldest historical-ethnographic regions of Georgia. It is the south-west of Georgia. The area of the territory is 533 sq. km. Which is 0.98% of the entire territory of Georgia.

The district is surrounded by the Black Sea at about 7 km to the west, it is bordered by the outskirts of Poti, Khobi, Senaki and Abashi districts to the north.

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Georgian Riders in Wild West America

Lanchkhuti is known for its Gurian trick horse riders, who have achieved great notoriety in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in US show business, most notably with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. While with the show, The Lanchkhuti museum has much of their history and personal belongings on display, as well as other interesting archaeological and ethnographic materials.

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